Ecommerce platforms

The behemoth of the eCommerce space. Popular for being user-friendly but powerful. Very rich ecosystem of apps for store customization. Respectable suppliers will have one-click integrations for Shopify. No free plan, basic plan is a bit expensive. Recommended for most.
A good option for Etsy sellers that want to dip their toes into having their own standalone shop outside of Etsy. As soon as you start seeing some serious sales from the standalone shop you can migrate to Shopify by using an app to import your Etsy catalogue into Shopify.
Not as user-friendly as Shopify. Requires more tech expertise and is more involved to set up and manage. More flexible than Shopify but will need developer assistance for significant changes. Rich ecosystem. Most suppliers will have integrations, but they tend to require more setup than Shopify. Can be very inexpensive to run once set up. Not recommended for most.